The second season of the series “Fizruk” won’t continue in Sochi

The second season of the series “Fizruk” won’t be filmed in Sochi.
It became clear from the plot of the first season, where the main action is going on
in a school in Moscow. Beginning of the new academic year leaves no chance
for the all-year resort Sochi to become a film set for the popular series.
It is clear that the transient autumn holiday is unlikely to bring the heroes of the popular series to Sochi.

Though there is a chance that the heroes of the comic series will arrive in Sochi on Christmas vacation.
You can wait for the new episodes of the second season of the series “Fizruk” by the Black Sea in Adler.
You can book a room at the hotel in Adler by the phone number + 7-988-503-49-66.