Hard liquor

The basis of hard liquor in southern Europe has always been wine, in countries with colder climate – grain or potato. In Scotland and Ireland they learned to make whiskey from barley, in Spain and France – brandy from grape, in Poland and Russia – vodka from wheat, and in Scandinavia – aquavit from potato.

Frying pans

The Free economic society associated the appearance of potatoes in Russia with the name of Peter the Great. At the end of the XVIIth century he sent to the capital a sack of tubers from Holland allegedly to distribute it across provinces and cultivate.


Champagne is sparkling wine produced in the French region Champagne from certain varieties of grapes by the method of secondary fermentation of wine in the bottle. The name of the drink originates from the name of the Champagne province, where the region is located.


The Italian concept of pasta does not characterize any special kind of alimentary products. The word pasta itself means dough and dough products. And macaroni, noodles, vermicelli are just different kinds of pasta. According to the Italian tradition, pasta should be made from durum wheat, besides Italians eat pasta al dente, that is undercooked. So it retains more useful fibre.


The first course is substantial, but at the same time delicate, as a rule. It is digested faster, warms well and stimulates digestion. Our chef offers you to taste the culinary masterpieces really deserving attention! And remember that genius is simplicity!!!


The most expensive salad in the world does not contain edible gold leaves, and it is not studded with diamonds, but this dish deserves such a price. This salad was prepared by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc from the Hempel Hotel in London on the occasion of the Florette National Salad Week in 2003. Cooking this dish took six hours, and it contains such ingredients as new leaves of Florette salad, sturgeon caviar, grated truffle, potato, decorated with golden leaves, Cornish crab and lobster, as well as balsamic vinegar of thirty years’ ageing. 50 g of the golden caviar Alma, prepared from eggs of albino and sturgeon, which once was served for the Russian monarchs, will be a great addition to the luxurious salad. Cooking of the salad named Florette Sea and Earth Salad will cost £635.60 pounds ($1,013 US dollars), and the exclusive caviar will cost £600 pounds.

Cocktail list

A cocktail ( the origin of the word is disputed) – a drink obtained by mixing several liquids. Cocktails are alcoholic (containing one or more strong drinks as ingredients) and non-alcoholic.

Beer snacks

Here you can choose a snack to beer! Because supporting your favorite football team takes a lot of calories!!!!


Appetizer (in French cuisine hors d’œuvre, entrée) is the food that is served before the main dishes or as a separate light meal. Appetizer is often eaten together with alcoholic drinks (aperitif).

Hot appetizers

By and large, hot appetizers were even on the tables of the ancient Romans two thousand years ago, however, since then there appeared a great number of new and interesting appetizers that are tasty and awaken appetite.

Hot dishes

At first glance, steak is a fairly unsophisticated dish in the form of a piece of meat fried from two sides. But not all cooks can prepare this dish properly. The process of working with it contains many details, beginning with proper selection and preparation of meat and ending with the technology of its frying. Only professionals armed with knowledge, experience, and special equipment are able to make a real steak therefore.

Wine List

In accordance with the definition enshrined in law in the major producing countries, wine is fermented grape juice. This legal concept coincides with the popular definition, since the name “wine” usually refers only to grape wine.