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In the sunny Adler district of Sochi, where the spirit of the victories of the Russian team,
which achieved great results at the Olympics 2014, is not worn off, near the Olympic Park, to the
right of it lies the island of comfort and hospitality called Art complex “Lieutenant Rzhevsky”.

Olympic Park is located by the Black Sea in the Nizhneimeretinskaya bay. Since
Sochi was chosen as the Capital of the Olympic games in Guatemala on 4 July 2007,
a large-scale construction started here. The construction of the Olympic Park was carried out until the beginning of the Games
and took 7 years. Ambitious project of the Winter Olympic games has surpassed all
bold expectations and was brought to life fully and in time! “Hot. Cool. Yours» – the main slogan
of the Winter Games in Sochi sounded especially impressive in English translation: Hot. Cool. Yours.

The cool sporting events, not inferior in fever pitch to the best Olympics in the world,
held in subtropical climate, have truly become “the Olympics of each”.

BOSCO was responsible for a visual image of the Olympic games in Sochi, and I must say,
it dealt brilliantly with the task – a “patchwork quilt” of 16 ornaments of the national industries
of Russia from Vologda lace, Gzhel, the Zhostovo floral painting on metal lacquer trays, Khokhloma, Pavloposadsky shawls,
to rakulskaya painting, Severodvinsk painting, uftyuzhskaya painting and Yakut patterns. The patterns
of the Olympic clothes of the Russian National Team (“a firebird’s feather”) were recognizable also on the clothes of
the volunteers, who became a hallmark of the games. No wonder the doors of the BOSCO shop in the Olympic
park were lined up with hundreds of tourists and compatriots.
The Olympics bequeathed in the Nizhneimeritinskaya lowland not only excellent
highways at the European level, but the Olympic facilities – Fisht Olympic Stadium,
which during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics held 40,000 people, Bolshoy
Ice Dome, where the competitions in hockey were held, Shayba Arena – the All-Russian
sports and recreation centre for children, Iceberg Skating Palace and Adler Arena Skating Center, where the competitions in
speed skating were held during the winter
Olympic games 2014.

Light and music water attraction “Fountain” Olympic Fire Bowl” became an object of the
Olympic heritage in Sochi, it was transferred to the city and became a permanently acting
attraction of the Olympic Park.

The dancing fountain is really fascinating – pillars of water are converted into
fireworks to
the music by Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Borodin, Khachaturian, and Shostakovich. Artificial fog over the pool fountain is replaced with hundreds of stars, produced by
theater LEDs. The fountain “Water of the Olympic plaza” was created with
direct involvement of the WET Design company from Los Angeles.

Having chosen our cheap hotel for a relaxing holiday, You are in five hundred meters from the
splendor, inherited from the Olympics.

Art Complex “Lieutenant Rzhevsky” consists of an Italian-style hotel with beautiful and comfortable rooms and a karaoke bar, having attended which the soul begins to sing itself.

Any visitor can make sure that everything is done for the most comfortable holiday by the Black Sea in Adler, the staff is adequate and responsive, the food is delicious, the music is loud, the sun is bright, the sea is warm.

One can long emblaze and promote our Art complex,
into which we put our heart,
or just come and see
that it’s not just words-
we really have our own atmosphere!!!

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